Osmoluv Keratin

The Professional Keratin Smoothing Treatment that can be modulated according to your needs

Restructuring of the hair. Hydrolyzed Keratin works by going to strengthen the stem and create thickness where hair is thinnest or most brittle.

Smoothing. The action of Glyoxylic Acid, which intervenes by realigning capillary fibers with a prolonged but not permanent effect, without damaging disulfide bridges.

Anti-frizz. Keratin's action is enhanced by the presence of Trametes versicolor a fungus that contains laccase. Laccase is an oxidative enzyme that when thermally activated strengthens disulfide bonds and improves hair strength. Combined with the action of Glyoxylic Acid, it also produces a relaxing and detangling effect on the hair structure adding shine, softness, crease hold, and combability.

Kit consisting of 3 products for guaranteed results, from perfect smoothness to "nature" hair.