Our History

Beauty professionals since 1971

Inco Beauty Company is an Italian cosmetics company that has been present in the Emilia region for more than 50 years.

Founded in 1971 in Pianoro, a town in the Bolognese Apennines along the legendary Futa road that connects the two cities of Bologna and Florence, it has drawn from the former a focus on quality and from the latter taste and refinement.

In our laboratory in direct contact with nature, tradition, research and technology are the basis for the study and development of 100% Made in Italy professional cosmetics.

We put all our many years of experience in both trichology and aesthetics at the service of wellness and beauty professionals to study and create intelligent, specific, useful and functional products.

We focus on diversifying products and treatments that live up to the expectations of an increasingly demanding consumer, ensuring proven solutions with competitive prices.

We collaborate with professionals by seeking solutions to various needs, provide ongoing training to support their business.
Passion for beauty, wellness and environmental sustainability lead us to envision a future where every individual can be free to express his or her personality and enhance his or her aptitudes.

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Mission & Vision

We give voice to the affirmation of the hairdresser and beautician as professionals capable of successfully running their own businesses. We focus on diversification of products and treatments, living up to the expectations of a demanding consumer, ensuring proven solutions with competitive prices.

A constant challenge to surpass ourselves every day. A high-level quality system. The "health" of professionals and users in the foreground.


Synergy is our keyword. Products, mixable with each other, for infinity of solutions. Your salon a true benchmark for total beauty.


Optimal inventory management with ad hoc in-salon treatments to multiply profits without losing sight of the importance of costs and revenues.


We seek solutions to your needs. We provide ongoing training. We strive to support your business.

We create products that live up to your expectations, formulated by in-house research and development, with the experience that sets us apart.