Vitesse Urban Beauty

Vitesse Urban Beauty is the cosmetic line resulting from INCO Laboratories' latest research in the field of pollution.

Inco's goal was to create a line that counteracts the action of pollutants according to a broader concept. While substances from the surrounding environment can interact with our skin-thus we speak of "external pollution"-it is equally true that our own bodies can produce waste that is difficult to eliminate, representing a kind of pollution from "within." All Vitesse Urban Beauty products are designed to provide the following benefit:

  • Within each group, each product complements the other to ensure a concrete contribution to improving skin condition.
  • To intervene from within by promoting the reuse of waste substances produced by the body through the principle of AUTOPHAGY induced by the presence of White Asparagus Extract throughout the line.
  • Each reference has the ability to work in synergy with the others in the range to compose customized treatments on each skin type.
  • Plant-derived raw materials selected for each individual blemish.
  • New preservative systems, absence of petrolatum and silicones, mineral intake, presence of sunscreens, attention to allergens.

Purify - Cleansing

Any treatment, in order to generate effective results, must be applied to perfectly clean skin that allows its active ingredients to penetrate deeply. This is why thorough and diverse cleansing is the first indispensable step in the beauty routine of any woman who really cares about the health and radiance of her face.

Hydrarich - Hydration

The epidermis of the face can be either dry or dehydrated. In the former case, it is characterized by a lack of lipids (fatty part) due to insufficient sebaceous secretion; dehydration, on the other hand, depends on a lack of water and may be a temporary condition that causes dryness, poor elasticity and dull complexion. While most of the causes of either situation are different, air pollution is certainly a common element. And common is the treatment that can restore the skin to its normal vitality.

Renew - Age Positive

Aging of the skin, as of the body in general, is a natural and inevitable biological phenomenon. Recent studies have shown how much air pollution (ozone, particulate matter, lead, nitrogen and sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide) intervenes in skin aging. Vitesse Urban Beauty's Renew treatments in the institute and with the beauty routine have the function of preventing the signs of aging by never making the skin tissues lack the active ingredients necessary for its perfect state of balance.

Soothing - Sensitive Skin

Porcelain skin with an even, flawless complexion, so perfect that it does not even require foundation or concealers. Is this not every woman's dream? The Vitesse Lenitive line gives evenness and a radiant harmony to even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Its "work" takes place on several fronts: calming action, microcirculation-enhancing intervention and strengthening of the barrier function from external agents.

Rebalance - Purifying

Even those who habitually boast smooth and silky skin may, for some time, struggle with the appearance of impurities such as acne, blackheads, and excess sebum. The causes of these blemishes can be many: from diet to lifestyle that is not "healthy" enough, from smoking to stress, to hormonal swings. The only real solution is to resort to rebalancing products that - used synergistically and consistently - are able to restore to the epidermis the purity on which the radiance and beauty of the face depend. Complete line free of silicones and kerosene.