The best for professionals

Professional products designed and manufactured with the support of hairstylists and distributed exclusively to salons through a dedicated sales network. We help our clients through tools and services to concretely be qualified "beauty consultants" to their clientele.
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Why choose us


Concrete proximity

 The advantages of those who choose are guaranteed by a solid company, based in Italy, that thinks and produces on the territory of Emilia, attentive to the importance of human relationships, and that loves to put itself in dialogue with professionals to give answers to their needs.


Performance tools

Our goal is to develop products that open up new operational perspectives and give room for personalization and the creative ability of every hairstylist whether they have an artistic or entrepreneurial profile.


Satisfaction with the result

We try to share the business needs of our customers, but we still live convinced that we must ensure products with effective performance that give the professional the pleasure of observing a job well done.