Alkalin Shampoo - INCO

Alkalin Shampoo

Osmoluv Keratin

Treatment begins with a shampoo formulated to thoroughly cleanse the hair and remove any residual dirt or previously applied products.

Format: 250 ml bottle

Functionality and features
A pH 8 shampoo, SLS-free to respect the balance of hair and scalp, it contains Hydrolyzed Keratin and Collagen as scales open to prepare hair to receive the treatment while structure repair and plumping begins. Hair is clean, ready to be treated.
Mode of use
Wash hair with Alkalin Shampoo with no leave-on time. Rinse thoroughly and pat hair dry. Blow-dry hair to 80 percent dry.
Environmental label
PE-HD 02 → Plastic

PP5 → Plastic

Check your municipality's regulations