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Eco Finish Strong - Holding & Movement

Codice Full

Propellant-free eco-friendly lacquer ideal for shaping the movements of all types of hairstyles with long-lasting hold. Invisible support with strong hold to enhance the creativity of the stylist with fresh notes for a unisex hairspray where anise and cedar combine with musky essences.

Format: 300ml cylinder

Functionality and features
An ultra-high performance hairspray that gives volume, body, protects against external agents and is moisture resistant. To be used evenly throughout hair dries quickly, directed on roots of damp hair to give volume, on particular strands in finish to set without weighing down and maintain the style over time. Easily removed with a brush.
Mode of use
Apply to dry or slightly damp hair. Spray at 20 to 30 cm for best performance. Always maintain the recommended distance and shake before use.
Environmental label
Cylinder + dispenser
ALU41 → aluminum

Check your municipality's regulations