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Shampoo - Prevents and eliminates dandruff

Osmoluv Equilibria Antidandruff

A deep cleansing of the skin to prevent and mitigate the formation of dandruff.

Format: 1000 ml and 250 ml bottle

Functionality and features
Specific treatment to block skin desquamation, restore normal activity and rid the skin of dandruff.

NEW GENERATION TENSIOACTIVES: antistatic agents obtained from natural oils and fats, Sulfate free, not aggressive on the hair but with excellent washing power. A soft, creamy lather that ensures gentle but effective washing and good, constant hydration.

OLAMINE PIROCTONE: a functional substance with anti-dandruff, sebum-regulating activity that counteracts the formation of yeast on the skin. It is free of toxicity and has great affinity for keratin-rich tissues such as hair.
Mode of use
Apply to wet hair massaging gently, leave on for a few minutes and rinse. Repeat application if necessary.
Environmental label
1000 ml package
PE-HD 02 → Plastic

C/PP92 → Plastic

250 ml package
PE-HD 02 → Plastic

PP5 → Plastic

Check your municipality's regulations