Mineralplus - Vitality and thickness hair - INCO

Mineralplus - Vitality and thickness hair

Osmoluv Substance Volume

Shine, protection and hair hydration on fine hair.

Format: 200 ml bottle

Functionality and features
Calcium and Magnesium salts and Hydrolyzed Keratin protect against free radical damage, moisture, perform antistatic action and give body to the hair structure while improving styling.

HYDROLYZED KERATIN: A unique blend with extract of Trametes versicolor, a fungus that contains laccase and fortifies disulfide bonds helping to strengthen hair structure. Hydrolyzed Keratin helps maintain the integrity of the hair and has protective action against weather damage.

MAGNESIUM AND CALCIUM GLUCONATE: Antioxidants and nutrients contribute to the stimulation of microcirculation, counteracting hair weakening.

LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT HONEY: improves wet hair combability with protective and lubricating action that goes along with hair cleanliness and shine.
Mode of use
Spray on damp hair and proceed to blow-dry or on dry hair before styling.
Environmental label
PE-HD 02 → Plastic

C/PP92 → Plastic

Check your municipality's regulations