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Cellular Renewer


A mix of salt and naturally extracted oils gives birth to Vitesse Cellular Renewer, exceptional Professional treatment scrub, essential for removing dead cells and impurities. Notes of Anise, Jasmine, Violet: if you try it, you will never leave it again.

Format: 500ml jar

Usage: Wellness Therapy


A sea salt scrub enriched with vegetable oils to tone and smooth the skin while going on to improve microcirculation. It prepares the skin for subsequent treatments, optimizing results. Left on for a few minutes it prepares for the draining phase

Active ingredients

SODIUM CHLORIDE: Sea salt has always been known and used for its natural healing properties; in cosmetics, it has draining and reshaping properties, since by osmosis it frees the tissues from excess fluid and reactivates the mechanisms of fat disposal. In scrubs, salt serves to rid cells of toxins, oxygenate tissues and reactivate microcirculation. The exfoliating effect is achieved by mechanically rubbing salt into the skin.

SWEET ALMOND OIL: Oil obtained by cold pressing sweet almonds, which leaves all the original characteristics of the almond intact. It contains fatty acids, vitamins (especially B and E), proteins and minerals (zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Because its composition is very similar to the sebum that the skin normally produces, this oil is assimilated very well. Perfect for sensitive and dry skin.

RICE BRUSH OIL: Extracted from rice bran, it consists mainly of fatty acid triglycerides particularly oleic and linoleic acids with high content of phytosterols, Vitamin E and γ-oryzanol. Due to its high content in unsaponifiable substances, rice bran oil is a natural lipid emollient with protective and antioxidant action.

MIXTURE OF LECITHIN, TOCOPHEROL, ASCORBIL PALMITATE: Synergistic mixture of substances, existing in nature or derived from natural ingredients with antioxidant activity.

Mode of use

Massage the product in circular motions on damp skin for a gentle scrub or on dry skin for a greater exfoliating effect. Let stand 10 to 20 minutes wrapped in cartene, it has an osmotic/draining action. Remove with a sponge or in the shower.

Environmental label
PE-PET01 → Plastic

PP05 → Plastic

Flat plate
PE-LD04 → plastic

Check your municipality's regulations