Specific skin and hair treatments only for wellness professionals, because taking care of the state of the skin and hair is a duty of every professional.

Osmoluv for a new evolution of skin and hair treatments that results in new in-salon services, which are increasingly attentive to detail, made up of pampering, listening, targeted solutions and gratification. Services that become palatable and tasty, where the key word is wellness.

Osmoluv is an environmentally friendly line that is free of harmful substances, for greater attention to the operator, the health of the consumer and the environment around us.

Purifies - Deep Cleansing

Wellness and emotions for toxin-free skin. The beauty of hair starts with a healthy scalp that needs targeted and gentle cleansing to restore the right balance. The constant action of all external agents requires a purifying and exciting ritual, balancing the scalp, for vital, fluffy and strong hair. The presence of Essential Oils vibrates the sense of smell and helps to enter a moment of pure "well-being."

Substance - Volume

Strength and shine in fine hair. Fluffy hair is synonymous with beauty and health. L'Argan oil contains all the energy of the sun, liquid gold that gives strength to brittle hair and disciplines frizzy and curly hair to regain softness and shine. Rich in Vitamin E counteracts free radicals, deeply moisturizes and restores hair's vigor making it shine.